• Some Sonos devices are NOT SPEAKERS

    This is a Sonos Connect. I use one to stream music from our house music collection to my Linn Majik via digital output.

  • New firmware update?

    Just got update 0.74.21, I don't see any notes in this update. Anyone know what it added?

  • App won't let me finish setting up. Very sad.

    I can't complete the set up process where I'm able to add devices. I'm able to connect the remote to my wifi,

  • Neeo users

    I have a NEEO remote and am currently looking at changing over to the SevenHugs remote. I was wondering if anyone on

  • Switching between TV Scenes

    Hi all, New Sevenhugs user (Kickstarter backer) and I am looking to switch from NEEO to use Sevenhugs exclusively.

  • Adding Meross smart plugs via webhooks?

    I have tried to add Meross smart plugs using webhooks with IFTTT but to no avail. Is that even a possibility?

  • Have you completely given up?

    Just asking because no new features and now I can’t even add or edit existing.

  • Can the remote connect to my Macbook Air?

    So far I'm liking what I heard about it. But I'm wondering if it would work with my Macbook Air?

  • Key lock feature?

    Is there a way to lock the device so that you or children can not inadvertently press buttons?

  • TV channel logo graphics

    On the Sevenhugs home page, there's a section that shows an image of about a dozen Smart Remotes all with different

  • Hue doesn’t work

    Hello! first of all: thanks for the great remote. Only the hue system doesn’t work. I receive error code 116!

  • Air Conditioner

    You should definetly add support for air conditioner and splits. It’s the only device I cannot control in my room

  • Time Issue

    Not a major issue, but the remote is showing the wrong time. Is there a setting to set the time or timezone?

  • Functions available for directv genie remote

    Hi, Im considering getting this remote since it replaces all my remotes(including my fire cube),

  • Who spends $299 for a remote control to note be able to control all devices in a out of sight media cabinet

    Unfortunately I did. Am I doing something wrong? Previously I had MX850's control the device in the closet.

  • Compatible Hdmi switch?

    Does anyone know a compatible Hdmi switch for the smart remote u? I currently have a kinivo but will change to another

  • rename webhook

    i use more than one webhook. how can i rename this? Thank you Marc

  • Creating a scene that needs three inputs to be changed?

    I need to set up a scene that will set the input on my TV and on an HDMI switch with a splitter.

  • Touch Screen layout and sensitivity area suggestions

    Love the remote; I have no doubt it is insanely difficult to manage so many potential issues and devices.

  • Finite Elemente Hohrizontal 51

    Can anyone with a Sevenhugs Smartremote add the the device "Finite Elemte" "Hohrizontal 51" and see if there is a

  • Using remote without being connected to wi fi

    Once I have set up the remote can I use it without being connected to my wifi for bluetooth devices (firestick) and ir

  • Remote Specifications

    Does the Sevenhugs smart remote come with a microphone and speaker or no??? Because some tech sites are reporting that

  • Xfinity Support

    Why do we need to point the remote at the set top box? My xfinity remote works wirelessly without needing to do this...

  • Stopped seeing my Roku 3

    I’ve been happily using the remote for months now, but a month or so back it stopped being able to communicate with my

  • Programs refresh when touching remote

    Hello, I just started to use sevbenhugs remote and notice that when I'm watching an episode or listening to music and

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