• Apple TV Keyboard Pop on TV every time?

    I get a keyboard connected / disconnected message on my TV every time I go to use the remote with my Apple TV.

  • Using remote without being connected to wi fi

    Once I have set up the remote can I use it without being connected to my wifi for bluetooth devices (firestick) and ir

  • Remote Specifications

    Does the Sevenhugs smart remote come with a microphone and speaker or no??? Because some tech sites are reporting that

  • Some Sonos devices are NOT SPEAKERS

    This is a Sonos Connect. I use one to stream music from our house music collection to my Linn Majik via digital output.

  • Xfinity Support

    Why do we need to point the remote at the set top box? My xfinity remote works wirelessly without needing to do this...

  • Button on charging base - remote finder?

    What does the button on the charging base behind the charging peg DO? Is it a remote finder (making the remote beep)?

  • Stopped seeing my Roku 3

    I’ve been happily using the remote for months now, but a month or so back it stopped being able to communicate with my

  • Programs refresh when touching remote

    Hello, I just started to use sevbenhugs remote and notice that when I'm watching an episode or listening to music and

  • Multiple AppleTVs

    I’m considering buying a seven hugs remote. My setup will have 4 Apple TV’s running into a HDMI multi viewer.

  • Issue connecting Sonos

    Please help. I've tried everything from disconnecting all but one speaker. Doing a full reset,

  • Clock

    Anyway to have the clock stay on the screen while charging on the base?

  • UI and the use of colour

    Hi all. I love the smart remote and have been impressed with support and responsiveness to answer my queries.

  • Connecting an IR controlled HDMI switch

    I'm trying to connect my Smart Remote to a Phillips brand SWV9484B /27 four input HDMI switch and am having no luck.

  • Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 3700

    The power button turns on the project, but doesn’t turn it off, which makes things inconvenient when using the TV

  • Point Mode setup is broken

    I don't use Point Mode on my Smart Remote -- it's not useful in my environment, and I bought the remote before I had

  • Home Automation KNX/EIB

    will it be possible in the future to create your own designs or surfaces with individual key assignment and commands?

  • Custom remotes

    Will an API/SDK be available? I'd like to be able to design my own custom remotes/layouts. And some integration with

  • custom development

    Does this remote allow DIYers to send and receive feedback to devices not yet supported?

  • Smart Remote SDK now available in Beta!

    Sevenhugs is excited to release the first beta version of our SDK! This will allow you to enjoy expanded capabilities

  • Kodi "Stop" Feature

    Has anyone had any luck adding a "stop" button to their remote to get Kodi to stop playing entirely? (Not pause).

  • New firmware release (05/14/2019) - Improved battery life and performance

    Hi everyone, The past few months our team has been working around the clock to improve your experience with Smart

  • Scene input issue

    I created a few scenes however the input does not switch. My remote has an input button then you need to find the

  • Leave device on

    Hi, Would like a function in the AV scene like "Leave it On", wishing that media player or digital box is always on as

  • This is one of the most disappointing products I’ve kickstarted.

    I.dont.use it. I haven’t even setup the sensors for motion tracking. What’s the point when the only device I have that

  • Error 3000536 unable to restore or modify device layout

    Has anyone encountered the inability to modify the layout of a device (it's grayed out) ? If I try to restore to

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