• Roadmap?

    Hi, on the beta forum i already asked the question if there will be a Roadmap available so we will get some more info

  • SONOS Service issue when trying to add.

    Any idea what is going on in the attached screenshot? I'm trying to add Sonos service to smart remote.

  • TV channel logo graphics

    On the Sevenhugs home page, there's a section that shows an image of about a dozen Smart Remotes all with different

  • Setup controller for Xfinity receiver but now receiver thinks it’s new xfinity controller and asks me to pair the controller to use volume

  • Time Issue

    Not a major issue, but the remote is showing the wrong time. Is there a setting to set the time or timezone?

  • Slow Loading A/V Scene

    I am using a Vizio SoundBar, TCL Roku TV and a TiVo. I have a scene that uses just the Soundbar and Roku TV.

  • Custom remotes

    Will an API/SDK be available? I'd like to be able to design my own custom remotes/layouts. And some integration with

  • Hue doesn’t work

    Hello! first of all: thanks for the great remote. Only the hue system doesn’t work. I receive error code 116!

  • Apple TV touch pad is way too fast

    I don't know if you guys have used an apple TV remote lately but it's not as responsive as your emulation of it.

  • Linn Majik DSM

    There are three code sets for the Linn Majik, but none of them have codes for the full set of inputs on the Majik DSM.

  • Back button not always working with Fire TV Cube

    The Fire TV support added in a previous update mostly works. However, the back button does not work in the Hulu app.

  • Sonos: can only see two of my devices

    Right now, I’m only able to see two of my Sonos Connect devices. I have four, plus a speaker.

  • Hulu Fire Tv

    Thank you so much for getting the Fire Tv added to the remote. The back button works fine on both the internet app and

  • no devices at all in your database

    I recently bought your remote at Best Buy. Looks and feel great. Tried to set up, but found it extremely frustrating.

  • Next hardware version, make it larger

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about an item of electronic equipment, but I would really prefer it if the remote were

  • why cant i turn on/off equipment?

    There are no power buttons? I tried to add a custom button and that did not work. Still have to pull out my remotes to

  • AV Scene Changes

    When changing from one A/V Scene to another which requires and input change on the TV, (Direct TV cable box Apple TV)

  • Changing inputs on A/V Receiver

    When creating a scene to watch my Apple TV or my Tivo or any other device for that matter, I don't see any function

  • X1 Page Up and Page Down not available

    The configuration on the remote for the Xfinity X1 set top box doesn't include the page up or page down buttons.

  • Google home

    Any insight if or when Google home will be supported? Would be good ; A. Trigger Voice command B. Music controls C.

  • Turn off AV scene

    Hello, I feel like I am missing something simple, but I have tried everything I can think of and searched the forum

  • Point mode for AV Scenes?

    Hi, is there any chance of getting a programmed AV Scene with 3 devices ( Tv, Apple Tv, Receiver ) onto the point mode?

  • No Kodi found and ONKYO Amp not responding

    So the no Kodi found is exactly as it says. It finds my Nest, my Apple TV and my Sonos but not my Kodi.

  • Spotify only sees 1 device for playback

    Today I upgraded to Spotify Premium just to check it out with Sevenhugs. Now I noticed the Smart Remote only sees 1

  • VERA Compatibility?

    I own a Vera Plus which controls all my lights and plugs and many other things. Will you guys ever dwell into making it

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