• Error 212 : "Software update issue - server unreachable"

    Some users are experiencing issues when updating to the latest software (version 76.3), in particular during new set-up.

  • Ooops something went wrong

    I can connect my remote to WiFi and I can connect it to the app (provides code and says app is connected) then when it

  • Error 2063523 during "Loading your experience..." step

    I'm setting up my remote for the first time, and I'm getting this error during the "Loading your experience..." step.

  • Carousel Issue: Unable to reorder/hide devices

    In settings, the Carousel Display Order page will not allow me to reorder/hide devices because there are lights that

  • Produit très décevant

    Bonjour à tous, J'écris ce post car je suis très déçu de ma télécommande Smart Remote. Tout d'abord,

  • Un webhook dans un layout

    Bonjour, les webhooks super, ils fonctionnent. Comment je fais pour en mettre un dans les customs layout de mes

  • Sevenhug - Produit Hugone

    Bonjour, Je possède le produit sevenhug hugone mais celui-ci ne fonctionne plus.. J'ai l'impression que les serveurs de

  • Not only does this lack updates promised from the start, the screen is defective. Broke before it actually supported a fraction of promised

  • YouTube App on Apple TV

    Most functions of the remote don’t work when starting the YouTube App on my Apple TV. It’s a 4K Apple TV model.

  • The future of the product

    Hi, Having trusted your company and your product, I learned that your company was recently acquired.

  • Sonos speech enhancement

    SmartRemote hints at supporting Sonos Speech Enhancement with a command called Dialog. But it doesn’t work.

  • "Software update issue - Server unreachable"

    Hello all, I just received my Smart Remote U in the mail today and started the process of setting it up.

  • Devialet support

    Could you please tell me if the smart remote is Now compatible with devialet speakers ? I’ve two phantom reactor at

  • Delivery to Switzerland

    How to get a Smart X Remote in Switzerland ? Do you have an official dealer near me (germany, france, etc.).

  • App crashes

    Hey there When I try to delete an entry from "step at scene activiation" the app crashes. Any idea how to avoid this?

  • Android tv keyboard?

    I have a Hisense H8G tv with android tv. Does this remote support a keyboard for android tv?

  • Google TV Support

    Google just came up with an upgraded Chromecast that's called Chromecast with Google TV. It just came out this month,

  • WiFi Connectivity

    While the Smart Remote has great potential, the limitations with WiFi connectivity are very disappointing.

  • Program a specific streaming show on a scene?

    Is there a way to set up a particular streaming show as a TV Scene? I am shopping for a universal remote control to

  • Can I control a ROKU TCL tv over Wifi?

    I’m not seeing it as an option to connect to my TCL ROKU tv over wifi.

  • bose homespeaker 500

    can i controle the new speakers from Bose

  • Can the Smart Remote simulate a long-press?

    I have an LG TV that allows quick shortcuts to be mapped to numbers 1-8 and the quick shortcuts are triggered by

  • Google Nest Wifi

    Has anyone had issues with getting the remote to connect when using google nest wifi points?

  • Smart Remote Not Found

    I am not able to keep the Smart Remote X connected to the app for any longer than 10 minutes.

  • RF controll

    Is there a way to control with RF as I have all my devices behind a cabinet and they are RF.

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