• Airtv Mini

    I see for Airtv ir compatibility but don't see compatibility for the Airtv Mini since it's bluetooth. Please assist.

  • Xfinity Support

    Why do we need to point the remote at the set top box? My xfinity remote works wirelessly without needing to do this...

  • Suggestions after trying out your product

    I have a list of suggestions after trying your model U remote. The suggestions: Increase the size of the unit.

  • Keyboard

    So I haven’t seen the keyboard since I set up the remote. How do I use the keyboard with the tv itself and within apps?

  • Please fix battery life..

    I know you guys say the battery life lasts two days but it really doesn’t.. It last one day if used please fix.

  • Murphy's Law - LG and Firestick

    1. My kids are born; 2. My kids hide remotes and forget where they hid them; 3. Router breaks; 4.

  • Whats Coming??

    I’m seriously thinking about returning my remote I don’t think it’s worth $326.63 When it’s so difficult to program

  • Activating scene takes a whole minute

    No matter what scene I am starting, it will always show ‚Activating scene‘ for one minute (when I add a delay,

  • Produit très décevant

    Bonjour à tous, J'écris ce post car je suis très déçu de ma télécommande Smart Remote. Tout d'abord,

  • Webhooks display order

    How do I reorder the triggers in my Webhooks? I want to move some up and down in the list.

  • Cannot add Xbox One X to remote

    When trying to add my Xbox One X to the remote through the app(Infrared Devices -> Game Consoles -> North America ->

  • Android tv keyboard?

    I have a Hisense H8G tv with android tv. Does this remote support a keyboard for android tv?

  • Issues with Netflix App

    while in the Netflix app i tried to scroll through on the remote and it responds with a continuous scroll that never

  • Ideas to make your remote even a better

    Overall I love the concept of the remote but it could use some improvements to make it a real wow piece of technology.

  • Find remote button on base

    Any news on when this button will become active? One of the last features left that will really set it apart from my

  • Not contol of HBO Max on Apple TV 4k

    Everything eles seems to work. However, now the HBO Now updated to HBO Max I have no remote control over that app.

  • Remote not connecting to network

    I've tried the manual and automatic processes to find my remote. Followed instructions for both.

  • Non-US based buyer

    Hi, I'm very interested in buying your remote controller, unfortunately I'm not US-based. Do you provide any

  • Figure-8 motion not recognized

    Hi, I am stuck in point mode setup, I tried so many times to an 8-figure motion eith my wrist,

  • Shades / Blinds

    Hi there! We just purchased a home and I would like to purchase some smart shades or blinds,

  • YouTube App on Apple TV

    Most functions of the remote don’t work when starting the YouTube App on my Apple TV. It’s a 4K Apple TV model.

  • Touching an AV scene in carousel instantly stops it!

    Hi, I got my Smart Remote yesterday and I encountered a very annoying issue: Whenever I swipe through carousel,

  • Do you guys care? Customer that will be returning Remote ASAP due to frustration & poor customer service...

    I keep asking the same question over and over again and I don’t get a response. It’s super frustrating I wish you guys

  • Smart Remote SDK now available in Beta!

    Sevenhugs is excited to release the first beta version of our SDK! This will allow you to enjoy expanded capabilities

  • A few items

    Hi There, Just received my remote yesterday...very nice. Just some questions and requests 1) I have added my sonos beam

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